Solidarity Educational-Research Foundation, with the support of the Armenian branch of the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung, in cooperation with the Armenian-German online training startup Tutor Platform, is launching an online civic activism course within the framework of the Civic Activism Education Program in Armenia.

The course is open to all those who are interested in politics, want to study the civic movements in Armenia, start their public initiative, master the tools of solving problems of public importance. Follow this link to apply:

The topics of the course are:

📌 Forms and formats of civic activism, their comparative analysis, strengths and challenges
📌 Informal civic group activities, strengths and challenges, successful and unsuccessful experiences
📌 NGO civic activism, strengths and challenges
📌 Activities, strengths and challenges of political parties
📌 Cooperation, perspectives and challenges of civil society segments operating in different formats
📌 Popular civic actions in Armenia, their preconditions, process and results (Mashtots Park, “100 AMD” action, “I am against” action)
📌 Civic activism and civil society before 2018 and after 2018. Targeting and challenges

The trainers are the researchers of the field, the active participants of the civil movements, the initiators and the developers of the agenda.
The course will take place in April-May. Anyone can participate. Participation is free.
To participate in the course, follow the link and fill out the application:
Graduates will receive a certificate of participation.
In case of additional questions you can write to or call +374 10 530 222, +374 99 860 787.