Solidarity Foundation

“Solidarity” Educational and Research Foundation is a non-profit organization created by Citizen’s Decision Social Democratic Party. The Foundation is aspiring the implementation of various social, scientific, educational, and other initiatives for the benefit of the common good. The Foundation received state registration on January 23, 2020. “Solidarity” is an independent non-governmental organization governed by the Foundation’s Board of Trustees.


Our Vision 

To develop as an educational research institution and to contribute with our work to have a state where all citizens live in solidarity, have equal rights of existence, protection, development, competitiveness, participation.


Our Mission 

Our mission is to develop viable models through educational and research programs that will promote solidarity among different groups in society.

We believe that the real development of the country is possible only in an atmosphere of solidarity, and solidarity can be achieved by combining the interests of different groups. This combination of interests is possible through the development and implementation of viable political programs, which require serious research activities, mechanisms for transmitting its results to different groups of society through educational programs. In this regard, educational and research programs are an absolute priority for the Solidarity Foundation, which can be supplemented by activities in other areas, if they ultimately serve the above-mentioned mission.


Our Goals 

The goal of the Foundation’s activity is to support the promotion and development of the political field and political consciousness in the Republic of Armenia, the ideation and politicization of political processes. A political field based on narrow personal, group interests, devoid of programs and ideas, not only can not contribute to the establishment of public solidarity, but is also a tried and tested way of dividing the society.